Saturday, June 25, 2005

تحریم انتخابات

On and on, and nothing really changed, it's strange!
Life slipping out of your hands Is this the best way?
Just to get it right? shadows passing by in the middle of the night
Just tell me why it's gotta be like that?
The gibbet of the life keeps your neck in check
And now you're crying out for help
And believe me it's true If I get the chance I will save you!

Like a swan in a cage, what does it take to stop?
And open it up to make you fly away
to make your beauty shine through the deserts of fake
But I guess it's to late
You're already made yourself up, ready to die
God knows you cry and I can't lie, It makes me going mad
And believe me it's truth
If I get the chance I will save you!