Sunday, August 27, 2006

Chain Letter

I don't read Email that end with: "Send this to 5 people and something wonderfull will happen".
I quickly scan the end and delete them right away.

I also appreciate the generousity of the ones that say: "Even If you don't send this to your friends, nothing bad will happen to you!"
but I still don't read them.

I very much like the smart-ass ones that say: "It's better if your friends receive this 50 times than not receiving it at all !!!"
but I don't read those ones either.

A chain letter is a pearl of wisdome that comes in a sip of "Khariat" (stupidity).
And when you think of it, one sip of stupidity won't kill you. But it makes you a part of the general flow of "khariat" (stupidity) which is flowing in the society.

Now if you're really dead for a pearl of wisdome, take the sip and you'll have it.
I personally believe though that one sip of "Hemaaghat" (again stupidity) will do more harm and damage than a pearl of wisdome can do good.

About 10 years ago when the first flow of chain letters appeared in the Iranian society, they were in the form of actual printed letters sent by post. My family received them and made 20 copies to send to their friends and relatives. I found all of their copies and burnt them all. That year I failed the university exam and didn't go to uni and everyone thought it was because I burnt the chain letters.
Almost 10 years has passed since and I never did regret burning the chain letters nor did I - even for a moment - regret not getting into the university.
I guess it's because I never injected myself with the shut of stupidity.
even at times when everyone else did.